Dear Saint Jude In The Name Of Christ Jesus I humbly beg you to bring my prayers before The Throne Of God so that they can be answerd, my mother Claudia is in deep pain not only from arthritis and other pain conditions but from not being able to go to the bathroom, Please I beg In Jesus Name do not let my mother have cancer in any way shape or form, let cancer or any fatal ailments never come back to her for the rest of her days on Earth , restore her to full health and vitality. She is taking perscribed medications but she cannot go make any bowel movements please In Jesus Name let her go to the bathroom today and let it all come out any and all blockage and all it come out. This is detrimental to her health and well being. Please let her pain go away In Jesus Name and Please Let her feel better mind , body , soul I ask this In The Name Of Christ Jesus Amen