Dear Saint Jude In The Name of Christ Jesus I sincerely beg you from the depths of my heart and soul for the following prayers to be brought before The Throne Of God so that they may be answered, I and my family are facing eviction we only have until November 6, 2019 to find a place to live Please let us find a place to live before that time and if not please let us get more time please let the housing courts, judges, lawyers and my landlord have mercy on us and give us more time In Christ I beg this. In Christ I beg that we never be separated and if we must be homeless please let it be in a decent, clean and private place and let them allow us to stay in the place during the day because many don’t allow that but we are all disabled . Please In The Name of Christ Touch all the housing authorities, lawyers, landlords, banks and everyone in between so that they have mercy help all those going through similar situations and please end homelessness please help all of us in faith, strength, mind , body and soul In The Name of Christ Jesus Amen.