Dear Saint Jude In The Name Of Christ Jesus I beg you from the depths of my soul to bring the following prayers before The Throne Of God so that they may be answered, Please let I , my mother Claudia, my stepfather Kenny and my son Cameron find a nice apartment before November 6, 2019. Especially the ones we are being shown I beg of this in Christ Jesus. Please let the realitors and landlords see that we are good honest people and let us rent their apartments. Time is going quickly and we only have until November 6, 2019. Please let I and my family never be split apart or homeless. And if we don’t find an apartment by November 6th, 2019 please let the housing courts, our current lanlord and his lawers have mercy on us and give us at least three more months to stay at our current apartment and not have to pay the back rent because we saved that and need it to move. If need be let us only have to pay for each month we stay. If we must go into a shelter please let it be like an apartment, clean , safe with our own bathroom and place to cook food and never let us be split apart. Please give myself, my mother Claudia, My son Cameron and My Stepfather faith, strength, good health and happiness and please in Christ Jesus forgive me of my sins. Please In The Name Of Christ help all people’s prayers in this prayer circle be answered and all prayers in Christ Jesus who pray in the entire worldIn The Name Of Christ Jesus Amen