Dear Saint Jude In The Name Of Christ Jesus I plead for the following Prayers to be brought to the Throne of God so that they can be answered In Jesus Name ,please help this entire earth come to Christ Jesus and walk in The Holy Spirit Father Son Holy spirit because if everyone on this Earth truly comes to Christ Jesus the entire world would change for the better. Please Hear and help people’s prayers to be answered and bring them closer to God in Jesus Name. Please help this world in all ways. Please help all people have good mental, physical, spiritual health and total Faith In God. Please cure people of all physical ailments, mental ailments and all spiritual afflictions In Jesus Name. Help all of our Priests , Nuns, Bishops and all who seek God and Bless them in Jesus Name. Please help the homeless, hungry, poor and sad and help them find a home , food, financial blessings, happiness, strength and faith. I thank you Saint Jude In The Name Of Christ Jesus for all you do Amen.