Dear Saint Jude In The Name Of Christ Jesus God’s One and Only Son. I beg from the depths of my soull for the following prayers to be brought to The Throne Of God so they can be answered, our landlord came today with the building inspector and he was nice to my step father please don’t let our Landlord Evict us I beg In Jesus Name I beg that He lets us continue to live here I beg and plead In Jesus Name , please let us know by today if he will move forward with the eviction. Touch Mike’s heart and his daughter’s and families hearts in a particular way so we never have to get evicted. I am so scared this feels like a nightmare and Only God In Christ Jesus Name can make this stop In Jesus Name Amen. In Jesus Name Saint Jude hear all our prayers and Bring It before The Throne Of God so we can find , Peace , Love, Clarity, Thanksgiving, Faith, Strength, and an answer to all Prayers in this Prayer Circle In Jesus Name and all those in the world In Jesus Name Amen.