Please St Jude send me the unemployment financial blessing so my husband can pay the bills we are in desperate need of it. Please keep guiding and protecting me and my family. Please hear and grant my prayers destroy all evil dr Fauci,Gates,cuomo, and deblasio and Bloomberg i am begging you destroy all evil our children need to be children we need our freedom. Destroy this terrible vaccine chip . Keep watching and guiding my husband especially at work let him keep his hours and don’t let him be effected by that scary pay cut that evil man wants to do deblasio to city workers. Keep my kids happy and calm today and give them the strength they are missing out on their childhood. 😢 save this ugly ugly world and heal my mind body and soul. Let me start having energy to working out and feeling great again. Heal my seasonal allergies so i can sit w my kids in the yard and play. Please hear my prayers keep me and my family healthy and pray for us. Send me news abt my unemployment great news help my family and Give me the strength and guide me to losing weight and feel better . Thank you Amen 🙏🏼