Dear St Jude, please protect my elder daughter and her troubled marriage – please let her chauvanistic husband help her in regaining her health asap before she goes back to work after delivery of baby which has completely ruined her health and appearance.
Her husband is very nasty towards her and not being supportive at all to get back her health by giving her time to go for swimming to reverse her diabetes and fatty liver 2nd stage which is dangerous for her – please lord send your powerful miracles to help her and force her selfish husband to her who has sacrificed so much for the selfish self centred man and his evil mother and sister. please stop the husband and his evil mom and sister all three always isolating her and plotting against her and i believe he is having another interest at workplace and is always happy and ill treats his wife and elder child. my daughter is not telling me everything thinking it will further upset me and my health will suffer -she is always saying she has too many problems and cannot handle – and is a mess i feel/
please help urgently come to my daughter’s help and let her be in charge of her home and let the husband not go away from her and take care of their 2 kids.
and understand her plight and misery and help her for god’s sake – please let his mother and sister stop influencing him away from his family and wife and let him see the reality the truth that he has to love his wife who sacrificed everything for a selfish self centred arrogant man. let him stop fighting and dominating to them lord .
please let my daughter be able to learn to drive car and get licence asap and also go for swimming to get fit -for both to happen the husband has to adjust and look after the new born baby and the elder child please let him do it .
please let my daughter win and the poor kids win and let them live happy as a family with no outward interferance and let my daughter somehow be able to reverse her diabetes and fatty liver 2nd stage at once by your blessings
Thank you for all your favours to my daughter and family dear St Jude –