Dear blessed St Jude , please heal and cure my nurse daughter who is covid positive and suffering from chest heaviness and stomach pain continuously . Her 4 yr old child is also covid positive and has bronchitis. please help them to recover completely without any post covid health problems and let her get back her health and be strong mentally and physically lord and be able to do her nurse duties without any problems lord .
She never speaks to me lord – she is going through lot of problems she says – her husband treats her very roughly and not kind to her even when she is down with covid shouting at her – please correct his bad behaviour and whatever problems they are having between them or otherwise that she is reluctant to share with me let it all get resolved and let my daughter smile again and be happy. please protect her and family and let them be secure and please let all their problems go away . Please let them forgive my poor husband who used one bad word while talking and they have completely cut off from us now -please remove all the hatred and anger they have against us go away and let them call and talk and share the little child and let us get some happiness lord. please let them come and live on our side of the country and rent or even be able to buy a home near to us please . Please cure her horrible face allergy my daughter has been suffering for months now which is not responding to any antibiotic so far – her doctor referd her to the dermatology department which rejected her saying she has to take antibiotics for 3 months only then if not cured can they check – she is a nurse and more than 16 hours she is wearing a mask and her job is effected because her face is filled with pus filled clusters of acne and painful and she is given huge responsiblities over patients and it is crushing when they ignore her urgent need to get professional help for her problem – she is new to this country and is also scared to complain if they remove her from work all her dreams will fail- and there will be no money to survive in this country. please come to her help urgently lord and make her brave to complain to occupation health which is ignoring her and guide her to do the right thing to get this huge problem go away with your guidance – besides this problem she has painful bunions on her feet , vericose veins, severe hair loss and she is food addict eating all the wrong food because of her depression – please calm her and heal her and let all the face allergy or mask allergy no one knows please let it go away. please give her confidence and strength physical and mental –to deal with the politics and severe pressure at her work place and collegues – thank you lord for all the favours to her and family – ever grateful to you – amen