Please my dear St Jude protect guide calm my younger daughter because She is facing problems from all sides work, room mate, landlord .
Please show her and me other options for her to survive. She says she wants to come here to this country to study her masters in Engg when she already has an Mtech degree…please dear St Jude help please guide us in this matter to get the right course, the right intake, the right University, which should match the money I have please.
Meanwhile please let her survive somehow Lord. Please let her be able to pass the English language test.and get all her documents in order, to come and join University abroad .
please you guide us on her job and what decisions should be taken. We all are completely lost.
Please let it happen somehow .Please give her an opportunity Lord to have a break from her past and current life and have a great future ahead.
Please let her get back her belief in god and in the power of prayers.
Please cure her fever and throat infection asap and let her function well in her office Please stop all her enemies from attacking/ harming her with your powerful miracles.
Please let her stop fighting with all and let her see the reality around her.
Please let everything happen as per your wish Lord.
Thank you for all your favours to her my dear St Jude .