Dear blessed St Jude, please urgently come to help my nurse daughter and her high risk pregnancy and now in the scan it shows the foetus abdomin is bloated and legs are small in measurment .
Please let the baby be of normal growth and no irregularities be there lord – please my daughter has gone into depression and wont talk to anyone – i feel she is in shock and she cannot take all her accumulated problems now .
Please let her husband treat her well and cook her food suited to her and foetus needs instead of food not suited for her gestational diabetes condition getting worse.
i beg and plead with you to come to her help lord –
please let them do a second scan lord and find out the truth
please let the diagnosis be correct and no damage be there lord.
Please let her stop her anger and stop fighting with her sister and me
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her over the years lord – amen