Dear blessed St Jude, please guide, protect and help my 2nd daughter who is kind,loving,idiotic,naive and innocent to survive in this harsh world and also urgently come to her help to find her soul mate before its too late and mend her broken heart from a long term love from college boy who dumped her and got married to another girl.
Please revive her confidence and let her forget her miserable past and her past love affair and find her soul mate to fall in love, marry and have family and move ahead to a successful life lord please i beg of you i plead to you as a desperate mom who is seperated from her daughter in another country and is tormented . please guide her in the right path lord please –
Please let her come to this country where i am living if that is your wish for her lord. let her come either by marriage or for studying lord and her age is catching up for both lord please please come urgently with your powerful miracles to our help . Please let her get back her belief in God and power of prayers.
Let all obstacles melt away in front of your mighty power lord.
Please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems lord .
I thank you for all your help to her my dear St Jude . amen