Dear St Jude, please let my nurse daughter’s gestational diabetes get controlled asap with the diet she is starting today and let her be able to do it with your blessings – her pregnancy is termed as ‘high risk’ by the midwife and doctor.
Please let her important scan of the foetus on the 5th month on August 9th be alright and normal without any problems for the foetus and for the mother .
please let her be calm and let her husband or anything else make her anxious.
Please let him drive the car safely and follow the rules in this new country they have migrated to and make no mistakes lord.
Please let the scan go well and results be normal and please let her be happy.
please protect her from coronavirus and monkey pox and all other health problems -She cannot take any antibiotics because of the gestation and other matters .
Please bless her, family and guide her always in your path my dear St Jude.
I thank you for all the favours to her my dear St Jude . amen