Dear blessed St Jude please protect my nurse daughter and her 2nd pregnancy be without any problems and let her gestational diabetes get cured and not harm her or the foetus in any way.
Please calm her my Lord and let her husband be gentle on her and her child..
He is poor and is ruining around to make money.
please let their child’s left knee which is giving away while jumping n walking.be easily curable and nothing serious.
please send your powerful miracles to help my daughter’s family which is in lot of trouble with money and good health.
please bless them and remove their negativity and let them have the good health and money to go ahead.
Please let them come over to my side of the country and live near us and get job in hospital and put the girl in faith school .
I pray for all in this circle to find happiness and solution to their issues through Jesus Christ our lord and saviour .
Thank you for all the favours given to her and family .