Dear blessed St Jude, please urgently intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to protect my nurse daughter who is finding it very difficult to continue with her job and pregnancy with her gestational diabetes – please show her the right path to follow and please give her guidance and let her take advice from dietician please and listen to me also instead of not cooperation and being stubborn and causing harm to herself – please put some sense into her lord – on how to take care of herself and her health and the almost 4 month old baby-
dear lord please please i leave her in your hands for the protection of the baby and the mother who is in danger from the gestational diabetes among all her other health problems – please i plead to you my lord to guide and protect my tired and fatigued elder daughter who is incapable of taking care of herself.
Please let her husband be more considerate, loving and understanding to her during these tough times of difficult pregnancy – All this is driving me mad lord – i am somehow recovering from covid and please come to our help with your powerful miracles -Thank you my dear St Jude for all your help and favours over the years – amen