Blessed St Jude, please let the blood sugar level of my nurse daughter come down urgently because she is with a baby and its dangerous.
Please let her realise this and agree to follow a good diet lord and not save money in hiring a dietician to help her.
please let her breathing and health and the baby be alright and under your protection lord – please always guide her in the right path and to make right decisions and let her not make any mistakes lord.
Please let her husband be safe and their second hand car be in condition always lord. please let her 3 month plus baby be blessed and protected from all evil and all danger and let everything be normal lord. Please let her laugh and all her depression go away somehow lord.
Let her evil collegues at work show some mercy to her lord – its all prejudice lord- all are from different countries not locals and they gang up on her supporting their own and giving her heavy duty jobs inspite of her bleeding and pain and all -no mercy. please lord stop these evil people with your mighty power and let her get all the benefits of light work during pregnancy which the law is giving her – thank you for all the favours to her and family – keep them protected under you lord – amen