Dear blessed St Jude, please protect and guide my naive, idiotic, egoistic, short tempered , impulsive, restless, second daughter who really has to change her ways to live and survive in this world- please show her the reality lord and how fragile and vulnerable she is please – not talking to her family members , not listening to them, punishing me wrongly for getting married again and leaving her all alone in the native country , please lord let her find her soul mate with your powerful miracles somehow and forget her horrible past, fall in love, marry and have family of her own please lord – my poor daughter deserves it more than anyone in this world because of what she has been through- from her childhood -a broken family, no money, horrible childhood with no good memories- please give her a second chance lord – let her meet the right man who will bring her in the right path and guide and help her . there is nothing your mighty power can do and only you can do lord -i beg you for help to save my younger daughter – please let her stop smoking at once and find happiness in prayers and the power in prayers.
Thank you my dear St Jude, for all the favours to her – I pray for all in this circle to get their problems sorted through our lord Jesus Christ -amen