Blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to give strength mental and physical , confidence
To get back my nurse daughter’s health somehow get over her depression and learn to cope with all the difficulties in her life and get over it.
Please let the diet and exercise programme I have put her under work for her quickly and bring her sugar level down immediately. and stay down . Let the craving for sugar stop in her and let learn to say NO to sugar and carbohydrates and save her life lord.
Please let her Gangilion cysts in her wrist, painful bunions on feet and her severe scars caused by mask allergy which has scarred her face and led to over eating depression and now over weight problem and a Torn Knee.
Please I Beg you lord to somehow save her from going further down ..
I beg you today to make all these happen and my poor nurse daughter break depression and take full charge of her life. .i thank for all the favours to her and family .Amen..