Blessed St Jude, I thank you for all the favours given to my nurse daughter and her family. Please urgently come to her help to lower her insulin/sugar level which has shot up uncontrollable because of her eating habits caused by severe stress at work place and at home and whole lot of other health issues she is facing which she cannot resolve because of her limited income and her not understanding husband who earns less than her – they can just about survive in this country where they have migrated to live n work. life has become very difficult with a child also .
Please let her get selected in the interview with a hospital near my home , which she did last week to which they have not responded so far.
Please lord let her somehow stop her craving for sweets and carbohydrates which is destroying her . let her conquer whatever it is stressing her and her depression and cravings if caused by hormone issues please let it be controlled by vitamins and the nutritionist who is helping her to reverse her diabetes with food and not to take life long medicines – please let it succeed and let her be able to control her diabetes.
She had gestational diabetes and now after her face getting severely scarred after a mask allergy she had gone into depression and over eating and sweets which has resulted in this big health issue now-
Please let her bury her anger and dislike towards me and her sister and come back and unite our family.
Please give her strength, mental n physical to say NO to her craving and agree to healthy food in correct quantities and somehow overcome her misfortunes and survive and have a happy family life and let all her difficulties at work also go away.
please guide her at every step my lord and let her find peace somehow and stabilise her mind.
Please let her husband make her the right food and not the tasty food which promotes her sugar ..when its his turn to make food for her — or when she makes food -please let them discard their insistence on taste and go for simple healthy meals which saves money and give good health- please break their stubborness over food and make them give priority for health and make them see reality that they have nothing.
they live in a mould filled leaking flat rented and their salary is hand to mouth.
Please send your powerful miracles to help them and make them see reality of the situation and act the right way -Please cure her gangilion cyst on wrist, painful bunions on feet, vericose veins, mask allergy and the scars caused by it, and above all her diabetes and sugar/insulin level to come down and stay down and give her the will power to stay healthy . please continue to watch over her and family- please let all in this circle find solutions for their problems lord.
Thank you again my dear St Jude for all your help always given to me and family – amen