My dear St Jude I thank you today and always for everything given to me and my family.
The interview for my nurse daughter from the hospital near my home was a tough one for her and she could not answer some of them and also a poor wifi did not help. So we are distraught and sad ..We are old and her step dad has cancer and needs help. If would have been great help if she and husband both nurses were here..
But hoping for the best in a weeks time when they come back with result.
Please give her strength physical and mental to get over her depression and take care of her neglected health.
Please let her sugar level come down at once .
Please let her stop over eating wrong things and her obesity come down.
Please cure her Gangilion cysts in her wrist, diabetes, obesity, painful bunions on feet and her severe scars caused by mask allergy which has caused depression and over eating and becoming over weight and now a Torn Knee Problem .
Please lord urgently cure her Torn Knee problem as quickly as possible because she has to work standing as a nurse for 14hrs ..every duty day.and she will face poverty if she can’t work..
Please let her realise the reality and stop her bad eating habits at once. Break her depression .
Bless her home and family ..and protect them from all evil and bad people..
Please let her stop fight with her only sister and be happy .
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her and family . I am ever grateful to you .