Dear blessed St Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to protect guide my younger daughter from all the forces working against her in the apartment complex she is living with no family in the native country with her.
Please protect her from coronavirus.and all other health problems.
Please let her find her soul mate who can fund her marry love , have family asap lord .
Please send your powerful miracles to change her mind regarding marriage, all her bad addictive habits if any .
Please let all her evil friends go away never to come back to her .
Please surround her with good people only who will guide her to your path my dear St Jude.
Please give ger mental and physical strength to arrange for ger 2 surgeries which she has to prioritise her health matters and get help from my niece.
. Please let her fall in love with a good man and let her have her own family .
Please bless her and remove all her bad habits with your mighty power lord.and please stop all attacks on her by the evil caretaker, her nasty neighbour and his wife and all others targeting her ..dear St Jude, my daughter is all alone please guide her ..remove all bad evil friends from her life Thank you for all the favours to her ..ever grateful to you my dear St Jude for everything given to her . amen