Dear blessed St Jude, please heal my husband – he has been diagnoised with prostate cancer and has undergone bone scan and is waiting result –all very slow due to the pandemic
he has other ct scans , biopsy to be taken – please give us courage to go through all this and please let my husband be not in any pain or difficulty at any point please
let the cancer not have spread to other areas lord – we are under severe stress waiting long time for treatment – and results –
please give us peace of mind lord and heal my husband — please protect us from coronavirus and all other health problems – especially when we go out in public transport for health appointments and we are exposed to all the maskless students from schools and others too – and also in the hospital unfortunately they have decided no mask and we are exposed to unvaccinated and unmasked hospital staff – no one to speak on behalf of the old and vulnerable – my poor husband is 75 yrs – feel so helpless – please keep us safe lord – my prayers keep us going –
I pray for all other cancer patients and all in the circle for solutions to their problems — i thank you for all the favours given to us over the years