Dear blessed St Jude please bless my nurse daughter and her nurse husband on their special event .
Please let the tear on my daughter’s knee cap and the swelling go away and let her pain go away allowing her to walk.and work.
They have no money and has to work to survive.
Please send your powerful miracles to cure her knee problem .
Please remove her depression and let her ever increasing health issues get resolved.
Please let her gangilion cyst on her wrist , painful bunions on feet, Vericose veins, Diabetes 6.7 count be reversed somehow..her face severely scarred by a severe face allergy now reduced .
Please let her get referred to the orthopaedic surgeon immediately by her GP..
also to the dermatology department for her face
and treatment for diabetes.
she is so young and the list of health issues is enormous already ..
Please I leave her in your hands lord to heal the wounds of mind ..to give her strength physical and mental ..to give her will power to control her over eating.
She needs urgent help lord ..please be at her side ..guide her in the right path..please forgive her arrogance and let her be friends with her sister.
please bless them and break her away from the clutches of her selfish mother in law and show her the truth what i have done for them as a single parent and appreciate and love me
Please show her what people really are.and to follow truth.
Please protect them while in their little old car with child ..and let them both get their driving licence asap.
Please guide her lord .and let her get the urgent help she needs for her knee tear and get cured to get back to work to survive..she has a long wait to get her permanent residents visa for this country she has migrated to live n work.
Thank you for all the favours to her and family my dear St Jude ..always grateful ..amen ..