Dear blessed St Jude, please help my younger daughter to be serious about her future plans and guide her into taking the correct decisions and not making any mistakes which will make us loose money when planning her future career, like doing her 2nd Masters in foreign country which is expensive and all my savings will go into her tuition fees ,please let her be able to find a Masters course which will fit into my budget, as well as will get her a future and a job and make her happy and in the right country where she wants to settle down. Let all this happen as per your wishes for her lord . let each and every step she takes be the right one and as with your blessings.
Please let the girl find her soul mate -please help her in this matter lord -she has never got any love or happiness in her life coming from a broken money less family . Please send your powerful miracles to stop her addictive bad habits and let her remove all the evil friends from her circle and see only the good people who will guide her towards prayer and God and the right path . Please I plead for your mighty power to destroy all the bad things in her life and correct her make her see reality and what she is that is a person with no job, no money, depending for money to eat and live on her step father, no good man to love her in her life, no relationship with her immediate family her mom and sister all broken up, blaming us for her failures in life, at least this is what I see in her as a mother and its alarming where she is headed . Others have a different good opinion of her in fact a very positive one .
Please turn her around and I feel a good man in her life will bring good change in her to forget her miserable past -please help lord and let me be able to do the right thing for her – please send a good man to save this girl of mine lord – i beg you – i cannot take it anymore – please send your powerful miracles to help in this matter and resolve it –and correct our mistakes – thank you for all the favours to her -always grateful to you –