Blessed St Jude please bring a solution to my biggest problem i.e. my younger daughter who is jobless, no savings, not married and no good man in her life yet as far as i know, we have to pay for her food and shelter when she is qualified and wasting away.
Please let her get back her prayers and belief in God . Please let her meet her soul mate -a good man who will love her and marry her and start family. Let her left wing and feminist attitude go away and let her become a good woman my dear St Jude.
Please protect her from all accidents, evil people and let all the decisions in her life be taken by you my lord especially her overseas studies for a master degree abroad where me and her sister is living now -please decide the course, the country, and the agency lord and let it all be successful if that is your wish for her lord. Please lord , I leave her in your hands I cannot take it anymore – I am going mad thinking of this loose cannon . Please help me ,come to my help lord , I feel all alone in this – instead of loving me all hate me – I have done my best for my family- please let me not fail -let my daughter not fail – please help – we have not harmed anyone -please let her take her covid vaccination at once lord – i have no idea why she is not taking it- please she has very weak immunity. please protect her from coronavirus and keep her healthy lord – she has travelled to another state 2 days back and is with relatives who work in hospital -please let her be protected lord – and let her get back to safety. Please bless her and remove all the obstacles for her career and personal life lord – thank you for all the favours to her – always grateful –