Dear Blessed St Jude Please Protect my younger daughter from Coronavirus and all other health problems. Please come urgently to guide her at every step especially when selecting which masters course will be best for her , in which country and which agency to go through..
Please Decide for her lord because of our limited money is the problem . Please let me have the money ready for her Tuition fee and university accomodation.
Please let all her get back her faith in prayers and God and gain confidence to live work and be successful .
Please let her stop all her addictive habits and cut off all bad evil friends who take advantage of her.
Please let ger forgive ne and let the family all get together . Please let your mighty power and miracles come
together to save my younger daughter from all bad habits , make her see the reality of her situation , help her to join for good masters course in the country where me and her sister is living and find her soul mate who will love and take care of her needs marry fall in love with her and she with him and be happy .
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her . Amen