Dear blessed St Jude, please help and guide my younger daughter in her future career and study plans urgently and let things work out as she wants so that she will have a secure happy future because I will be spending all my savings on her master’s course to study in a foreign country .
Please urgently send help to the fragile, who is all alone in the native country no one to help her proper , limited money to fund her to the best university so we do not know if it will do any good for her future -so we urgently need your help in guiding us into the right masters course, right country, right University and the right agency to help her get admission -please let us all not make any expensive mistakes lord -none of us have the brilliance to do anything perfect nor we are rich – please help it is my savings and I would like to see it put to the correct use and no mistakes at any stage.
Please let her be calm and not get upset -please send her a good man lord please nothing is beyond your great power -to love, marry and have family.
please show her how important it is to have a man to share life with.
let her left liberal views and ideology go away and her bad friends from the extreme evil religion leave her and never come back in her life . Please let her prayers and belief in God come back in her life -show her your powerful miracles to change the stupid girl lord – i could never teach them anything because my marriage was broken and there was no money-we just survived somehow that is all -my prayers kept me alive always – Please i want my daughter to realise that truth and not hang on to useless meaningless ideologies and come back to the love of God which is the everlasting unconditional love and the most peaceful love she will ever know. please please help to save my daughter .Surround her with good people lord — please let her be able to do the 2 surgeries as soon as possible safely -please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems. please let her not get into any sort of trouble and let her get all her papers for the scooter 2 wheeler ready not postpone it .Thank you for all the favour to her my dear St Jude – please bring peace to all in this circle lord – amen