Dear blessed St Jude please let my younger daughter learn to be nice to me and my husband and not to get upset and angry for no reason. I thank you today because she came back to me saying she wants to go to a university in the country where me and her sister is living . But she does not want anything to do with me and all the childhood mental block comes in the way only you can remove from her mind . Thank you my dear St Jude – please let her get admission for this course because it is the cheapest one . But the entry requirements are for computer science people and she is from a core engineering background , so she has planned to write and ask them if it is possible for her to get admission – please let all happen as per your wish for her lord – and please protect her and keep her safe – from all harm and her own disturbed mind – please send your powerful miracles to bring change in her for good – to believe in god and prayers, to forget all the pain of the past , start a new second life, to stop all addictive habits, and all evil friends with bad habits, please let them all go away from her life forever never to come back. please let me be able to arrange for the money for her master post graduate study .I leave my disturbed daughter coming from a broken family with nothing but bad memories and evil people in it , to take care of her and bring her to your path somehow which only you can do -bring out the goodness in her and help her to stop hating me and blaming me for all her problems and get job , meet soul mate , marry and have a family and successful happy life .
Please guide her in the right direction to get admission for the right course in the right university in the right country lord . please help us – thank you for all the favours to her – thanks to all who pray for us -amen