Dear blessed St Jude please urgently help my younger daughter to change her bad addictive habits and get into good company and find her soul mate who loves her and will marry her give her a life and be happy –
Please let her get back her faith in god and in the power of prayers lord
Please help her find her soul mate
Please let her take every step in her life with your blessing and only as per your wish and not make any expensive mistakes in her life.
Please give me or her or someone a solution to this big problem in my life that is my younger daughter who has no job, no money, no man in her life, dont want marriage, dont believe in god or in prayers, lives on my money but do not talk to me, bad friends giving her wrong advice and ruining her life with addictive habits , her health problems – 2 surgeries coming up but not discussing with me who has to pay for it , I am going mad lord with such a child – I cannot blame her -she is a product of a broken family – a lousy father who messed up with her head manipulating her into believing I am the problem when all I have done is taken care of them worked day and night for them-given them whatever i can – My dear St Jude please help me and her – we urgently need your help in everything to sort our lives .
Please send her a good man lord with your special powers please help to straighten her out , make her fall in love , she is so fragile with 3 surgeries after an accident who needs the care and love of a good man please help her find a good man with good family , please let her stop all her left leaning thoughts and feminists thoughts which are the outcome of bitter childhood and bad experiences all through her life back to back nothing but bad luck with men money family and job . Please let her find peace lord she is a very nice brilliant girl – please come to her help -please send your mighty power to destroy all the evil people and evil habits tempting all around her with no family member near her to help -she is all alone in the native country .
Please let her do well in her english test exam and get top marks – please let her get admission in the right university for her 2nd masters in the country best suited for her overall growth and future – please let me get the money required to fund for her studies lord – let it all be the right thing i am doing lord – let it be all as per your wish because i am putting all my savings into paying the tuition fee and accomodation in a foriegn country which is very expensive for me lord . please send help lord please help me and her . please protect her from all accidents in the kitchen on her 2 wheeler and always – protect her from all evil powers and curses on the family and on her – bless her lord and guide her -let her get back to prayers lord – I thank you today for all the little changes i feel in her from so far away in another country – please let her drop all the hatred towards me and love me- let me get back my child please – thank you lord -amen