Dear Blessed St Jude Please Protect my nurse daughter and her nurse husband and child from Coronavirus and all other health problems.
Her child is Covid positive and they both are waiting tests results .
Please please cure my daughter’s face allergy which is filled with pus filled acne mostly in the mask area which she is wearing for almost 16 hrs as a nurse…
Please let her get back her confidence and strength to somehow go through this horrible terrible severe face allergy ..
Please let her doctor or Occupational health show interest in her problem and reffer her to the Dermatology department.
Please calm her ..let her be happy and let her husband be nice to her to me and decide to come and live near our home.
Let her husband stop being a mamas boy and speak only to his side of family
Please make them both see and accept me and my family..
please let her and family be happy .
Thank you my dear St Jude for allthe favours to her and family .amen