blessed St Jude thank you for all the favours to my nurse daughter and her family .
Please urgently come to her help to cure her extreme horrible skin allergy of painful pus filled acne spread mainly on the mask area . Please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to save her from this horrible situation where its effecting her job as an Operation theatre nurse where she has to wear a mask sometimes for 16 hours and daily for 12 hours minimum .She is scared to complain because she is new to this country and she will be replaced and all this will effect her badly – her husband is depended on her being less qualified than her . Please let her get referred to the dermatology department in her own hospital which her doctor is refusing to do and she has lost heart with everything on her shoulders even to teach her husband english and train him for his tests and look after a 4 yr old ..please let them come to my side of where i am living or let me and husband be able to go and live on their side of the country so that we both can be of help and get some life .
please give her confidence, strength physical and mental to go through the tough life of a nurse and the infection spread on her face has removed happiness from her life .
please let the new treatment take personally be effective lord and bring relief and let her get a non allergic mask for her work and let the face allergy problem whatever it is get resolved at once lord please – please forgive her for any mistakes on her part to anyone knowingly or unknowingly done -let all her sufferings stop lord – bless her with goodluck good health and money -let her husband get the job in her hospital in the theatre as a theatre helper please – thank you lord -eternally grateful for all the favours to her my dear St Jude – amen