Dear blessed St Jude, please urgently intercede to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to guide my second daughter and me on how to get her an education visa to come to this country where I am now to save her from complete destruction. of her life.
Please be with us at every step and let her agree to her father my ex husband or someone responsible to help her in this matter because she is so emotional , vulnerable and volatile.
The family had broken down due to no finance and other factors and its been a complete mess and miserable life for me and
on her and a continued issue separating me and my daughter when I decided to marry for second time in another country and was forced to leave her.
Please now we have to together for our survival. My husband has 4th stage cancer I cannot travel to her she has to come to me..
She has no job abd very little money in her account.
Please send your powerful miracles to guide us and resolve this big issue that is my daughter..Her tuition fee will wipecout all my savings which I don’t mind at all if it will give her a life..
Please let us do tge right thing lord and let her be serious and put her full mind to it..
Please lord urgently come to our help .
Let ger find her soul mate to love marry and have children which she so loves but is scared to have..
Please give her mental and physical strength to somehow carry on with her life, do all the visa process and be successful in completing Msc course and getting job lord.
Please give her a second chance dear St Jude. Please let the mighty power of Jesus Christ destroy all the evil forces and obstacles in front of her and me and let us succeed.
Thank you for all your favours to me and family dear St Jude always given . Amen