Blessed St Jude, please help my second daughter who has just got a new job after lot of struggling – please let her be able to shine and do well in her job and make a good name for herself .
please help her to learn driving car – she is in a country where it is very dangerous to drive and there are no proper rules and women drivers are looked down by the bus and taxi drivers who are the bully drivers.
please urgently come to her help lord because a car is required for her job purpose and other needs and security she needs to learn the driving skill urgently. Please let her have the patience and learn defensive driving and keep all papers correct and leave her casual approach and be very very serious about life, driving and everything else.
please let her find her soul mate to love, marry and have a family – please let her become financially independent lord.
Thank you for all your favours to her -always grateful to you dear St Jude –