Dear blessed St Jude, please protect and guide my nurse daughter who has gone for a refreshment day joining back for work after her complicated delivery and mental trauma of having a critical new born in icu for a month and then an unsupportive chauvanistic husband at home having his life on the side and the evil mother in law and sister in law plotting and planning things against her and all the time influencing her husband to do things for them and their welfare and has asked the husband never to bring her into the family home which is now occupied by the sister’s family which originally has to come to him -so my daughter was used and abused in this case to advance the career of the husband and now he is playing around i feel on the side at his work place from his behaviour of ill treating his family at home – please put an end to this very cruel behaviour of the husband to her and the elder child- please put an end to any extra marital affair that the husband may be having secretly- i have no proof of it – please save my poor daughter who is trapped with that horriible family – please bring out the truth about this man to open to my daughter before its too late and too late to get another life for herself – i think he is waiting for her to get a permanent resident visa and then to dump her because he came as a dependent of his lower qualification.
please let my daughter be able to reverse her daibetes and her stage 2 fatty liver condition – let the husband find time and adjust so that she can go and swim and get back her health – he is not cooperating with her and very cleverly destroying her health so dumping will be easier – please send your powerful miracles to help my daughter today and always against this man –
please bless her today and let her be able to get back her health and do her job well .Thank you for everything given to my daughter and 2 children – amen