please let my elder daughter husband behave well with her and the elder child . please show her the truth of what he is to her – i feel (dont have proof ) he is cheating on her with someone at the workplace and having a good time at her expense. please do not punish my daughter and make her live with a cheat – He has stopped talking to me and my husband whom he was using all the time to advance his needs. But now he is acting very different like he is free from us and is very happy and does not care.
The horrible husband his evil mother and sister all have used my poor right from the moment she got a good pay job and lured her into getting married and then always keeping her away from us always- they are horrible people and she should have never married him lord – it was a big mistake – now 2 children the second one just months old – its so tragic the man is behaving chauvanistic , cold and uncaring for her health and is totally self indulging .
please show her the right way lord to go and please show my daughter the truth about this man and let her take the right decision .
please let her be able to reverse her diabetes, and fatty liver stage 2 . and let her evil husband cooperate in looking after the little baby so that my daughter can get some exercise –
please send your powerful miracles to help her and also to crush the husband and his secret affairs if any and also the mother sister husband trio’s plotting against my daughter – let it all stop at once lord .
Thank you for all your blessing always given to my daughter – amen