please change the mind set of my selfish chauvanist son in law who is making my daughter’s life miserable – i feel he has some kind of an affair going on in workplace but not sure no proof except for his nasty behaviour-
please let my daughter be able to reverse her diabetes and fatty liver 2 stage urgently and let her be successful – which she is not currently because of her selfish husband who finds no time for her to go for swimming or do any exercise to offer to take of the 7 month baby and the elder child – he has to offer but never has he done so – so evil –
he is plotting against her all the time with his evil mom and sister who have their own vested interests and is against her. they are a snake pit family and tricked her into marrying him who cannot speak fluent english. and has made my daughter a slave to his needs and now 2 children – i do not trust him and his family at all – please protect her against him and his family and other evil forces lord- Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours given to my daughter – praying for all in this circle and beyond – amen