Dear blessed St Jude, i thank you today for all the blessings and favours to me and my family over the years and kept me stable and sane all through my troubled life.
Now it looks like my poor elder daughter who is a nurse is going through the same things which i went through in my married life- it is such a sad tragic situation – she has now a 6yr old and 7 month old baby with her and has to suffer a monster who is having fun on the side and is chillingly cold towards them and is just adjusting with her till she gets a permanent visa status in this country and he also gets it via her because he is less qualified and has come as her dependent- a very manipulative family -all of them –
the husband’s father hanged himself without a note saying why he is doing it according to his mother and then the sister a year back hung herself but survived – due to problems with her husband’s family and now residing with family in the house promised to my daughter’s husband. they have very little money and that is the main problem. and now i feel he has found another lover to replace my daughter and is planning well ahead with his mother and sister supporting him.
I really do not know what to do- please stop the husband and his family from plotting and destroying my daughter every day – stop the husband hurting my grand daughter psychologically and pinching her till she cries. please come to their help urgently.
please help us – lord – please crush the husband and his affair which i believe he has but no proof of and let my daughter win and get her family life ONLY if that is what she wants – she is terrified of a life without a husband label to see how i suffered humiliation all the time till my second husband came along.
the husband is blocking her diet -she had gestation diabetes and now is diabetic and he is not helping to give her time to go for swimming so that she will get back her health- and also not supporting her diet – all the time crushing her – i am so worried about her – please do not let this evil man get away lord – he is just using my daughter to advance his rosy future – we are so helpless unless dear lord you intervene and stop this and get the right solution for this problem-
please let her be abler to reverse her diabetes and be normal asap –
please let her have physical and mental strength to go through this horror husband and get to the right solution to save her and children –
please send your powerful miracles to protect her against these evil people lord
please let her come to my home if things are bad for her -please guide her the right path lord
please help urgently
please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to come to her and children help and let all the evil things the husband and family plot against my daughter fail.
let my daughter win lord – Thank you my dear St Jude for everything -amen