Dear blessed St Jude, please expose my son in law to my daughter and his true intentions and how he is cheating her (i believe) and taking advantage of her goodness at the same time trying to sabotage her diet plans , not giving her opportunity to go for swimming (which she is good at) – she needs to follow diet and exercise to save her life – and from sickness after her complicated delivery with gestation diabetes and now currently with diabetes.
please stop and destroy all his evil plans to destroy my daughter and her health by not cooperting or helping her with giving her some free time by looking after the 7th month old baby and the 6 yr old child with which she is struggling –
she has lost her good looks and now is mocked by her evil husband- please show the real truth about this man whom she is blindly trusting but now is alarmed at his behaviour so nasty towards her and her first child.
please urgently stop all the scheming and planning of the husband , his mother and his sister all plotting against on how to get rid of my daughter, by suffocating and controlling her -not allowing her to learn driving and be independent , not allowing her to become healthy – i am forced to think he is trying to replace her with another person of his interest of which we have no proof but his strange detachment and behaviour – it is so scary for my poor girl who has no one and nowhere to go – we are not rich nor do we have strong men to support us and this evil person has come to our life somehow – she was introduced to him from workplace and then on his plotting started – how he kept her away from me -seperated and destroyed my family- we were expecting my daughter to save our family but he used her to save his family by cutting us off – we had to struggle for money- i looked after my 2 daughters as a single mother and its a big blow to me – and now my daughter has 7 month old baby , and a 6 yr old and to face such bad behaviour from targeting my daughter’s health /diet and development like driving — and not allowing her to be close to us steering her away from us cleverly – he is mean and scheming -its very hard to win against his charming nature – which is so false.
please lord bring out the truth about this evil man to my daughter and let her escape from this marriage – at least when she is still young – he is just using her making her like a slave servant to his children and his needs for visa in this country – he has come as a dependent to her visa – he is less qualified to her –
its all so disturbing and stressful – please send your powerful miracles to help my daughter -we have only you and my prayers to you to keep going .
please give my daughter physical and mental strength to carry on ,let her diet be successful to reverse her diabetes and let her be able to learn driving- please show us a way to get out of this marriage if its true that he is having an affair – please stop all his plans against my daughter lord-
thank you my dear St Jude for all your help and favours to my daughter and kids – praying for all in this circle and beyond