Blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to protect and cure my nurse daughter’s health and well being- She is having ‘sugar’ in her body now and is asked to take diabetic medicine- which she has declined – show her the right path and the mental and physical strength to take a strict diet and bring down her sugar level and let all the other levels also become normal.
let her extreamly selfish mean chauvanist mama’s boy husband change and become a new man who will meet his wife’s and 2 children’s needs and take care of them and understand her post natal issues and deal with them. all the burden is on her and he goes and play games with his friends after work – he does help in cooking and some other jobs also – the entire burden of 2 kids is on her –
He has no money and niether does she- please lord let them be able to come near us get job and let it bring us all closer and let all the fights end – let both families be able to help each other- we have no car and they have no home and 2 kids to take care – Please come to our help lord .
I thank you my dear St Jude for granting this favour of my daughter and mother in law getting back together and ending their fight. Thanks a million for ending this major problem – please let the marriage continue and let the 2 innocent children be safe. Please let the major ego of my daughter go away and let her realise they have no money and need to take care of their health to work and earn.
Thank you for all the favours to her and family my dear St Jude – amen