please let the my first daughter’s mother in law, sister in law and her husband stop plotting against her and isolating her. her marriage was a big trap by the trio – please dear St Jude guide her and me in this matter and how to go about it in the future . My daughter has lost her good looks, health and is depressed – i think she is now asked not to come to the family house(which is supposed to be given to my son in law by his mother after her time) and the daughter of her mother in law is living there now with family . i really do not know what to do – we all live on very small incomes- please guide us all in the right path and break free the husband from the clutches of the mother and sister duo please and give my daughter peace of mind and happiness – please do not let them interfere in my daughter’s family life and leave them alone and let there be love and effection between them always – Thank you for everything given to them dear St jude- amen