Blessed St Jude, please cure my cancer patient husband’s bladder issues which disturbs his sleep, fatigue, skin rashes, high blood pressure , heart issues among other issues.
he is suffering for 7 months now after the radiotherapy the bladder and sleep problems please let the poor man sleep well lord – please – help him
please cure both our glaucoma and knee arthritis and the severe pain on both knees – please let me loose weight lord somehow and save my knees – please let us be able to resolve my elder daughter’s problem with her husband and his mom and sister who has ganged up against her now – and she and her husband is fighting – please lord resolve their fight and let them be happy and keep away from his mother and sister.
please let the mother in law of her stop interfering in their lives and let the sister and family go back to their husband’s house or find another solution.
please let my son in law stop ignoring my daughter at once – she has just delivered a baby and needs help and support and he is ignoring it – he is a mama’s boy and is a puppet for her – please keep my daughter, her husband and the 2 children in your protection and please let no one harm them especially the deadly mother and sister of her husband who manipulates him against my daughter and is making their lives miserable – they have to work and live and feed 2 growing up children and that itself is so difficult and the mother in law is deliberately causing problems using her weak son.
i heard stories about her husband committed suicide and the reasons unknown she says –
she is that deadly – smiling and sweet talking always but deadly – please let her keep away from them lord and let her not write away the family house to anyone but her only son that is my son in law – his sister has been given equivalant land by the mother- please let my daughter drop her king size ego and come down to earth and see the reality of her situation – the husband is drifting away – it is dangerous for her and the 2 kids – please please urgently bring a solution and let my daughter and her husband be friends back again and let them be happy with their children dear lord – thank you for all the favours to her and family always given amen