Dear blessed St Jude, please protect my second daughter who is all alone in my native country and doing all the wrong things in her life leading to self distruction – she has resigned her job and is with a married man – i have no idea lord how this happened – i prayed for her to get her soul mate and this is what she gets – i am so depressed by this – please let her meet her true soul mate who is legally free to walk free with her to love marry and have a family – not someone who comes and see her in my apartment for a few hours – it is so disgraceful -what all the people who are all family people talks about her who is the only single lady who is in her mid thirties living there doing all kind of teenage stuff – she has no respect there – my daughter is the product of a broken home and no money and all bad things happened to her – please let her regain her trust and belief in God and prayers and get her life in order please let her be able to come to this country to study Msc course and lead a happy life if that is what is your wish is for her lord.
please let her get a chance to live a normal life lord like all do- please please
i am so distressed with what is happening with her – i live in another country and is stuck here because my husband her step dad is a cancer patient.
please surround her with good people who will correct her mistakes and guide her in the right path. please protect her when she is driving her 2 wheeler scooter from the dangerous roads of the 3rd world country with no road rules.
please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems – please let her stop fighting with me ,her sister and rest of the family and listen to us.
please let her stop all her bad habits if any like smoking or drinking
I thank you on her behalf for all the favours to her my dear St Jude .amen