Please let my second daughter stop inviting different men into my apartment every night which is seen by all in the apartment complex -its crushing for me who is in another country with her step dad. please let her get new job and continue working she is highly qualified but is going thru emotional trauma after once again dumped by another lover.
please please let her find her soul mate to love marry and have a family which she so deserves coming from a broken family which had caused her tremendous trauma and setbacks and damage.
I feel so so helpless i cannot go to her because my husband has advanced cancer and is suffering from the side effects of radiotherapy and cannot travel because of his vulnerablity and bad health.
She is all alone depending on friends who just take advantage of her situation- advice her to do bad videos in social media which is breaking my heart into a million pieces- i have single handedly brought my 2 girls working and struggling for money and this is the result i see – please please send your powerful miracles to save my daughter and give her mental and physical strength to carry on – please let her come to this country to do further studies if that is what you wish for her lord or let her get job asap and stop unnecessary relationships with so many men and walking around in skimpy clothes in a country where it is not appreciated and all look down –
please let her see reality and overcome her misery and stop hating me and talk to me her problems – she is like a stranger to me – please let her and her sister become friends again lord – please help urgently – thank you for all your favours to her -amen