Blessed St Jude please guide my second daughter in the right path and give her peace of mind and financial independence .
please let her get a job and not waste away with such high qualifications . please let her get a grip on her personal and professional life which is at rock bottom now .
please let her get back her faith in God and prayers – and let her meet her soul mate to love marry and have family before too late for her age to have the above .
She is in a highly disturbed state now after a break up which had no future and is still hanging on to it – please send your powerful miracles lord to save her – she has no one to help – i am in another country with my second husband .
she is completely lost and says dont want to live and curses to be born into this world.
please remove her hate and give her hope lord to live and be happy .I have nothing but my prayers to you which keep me sane and hopeful – please help
a very very distressed mother ..thank you for all the favours to her and me – amen – i pray for all in this circle and beyond –