Dear blessed St Jude, please let my nurse daughter and her family come and live close to us asap.
please let her have the confidence to get a new job near my home and resign her current job and have a safe transfer without any visa issues. Her step dad is having cancer and both of us having glaucoma and knee arthritis -and no car – public transport is becoming difficult – they have an old second hand car and no home of their own – we can be of mutual benefit if she comes here – and save money on child care and both of them can work more – please let her understand all this and act in the right time and not too late-
please cure the sudden sensory hearing loss of my grand daughter 6yrs . please let them get the appointment with the ENT specialist for any action to happen which is a long wait because the health system is dysfunctional.
please cure the breathing issues of the 6 month old new born baby of my daughter who is also not measuring upto the length of a normal 6 month old.
please let my daughter be able to cope with all her problems – let her be practical -come to her senses – stop eating too much of wrong food- she is obese now and having health issues – please give her mental strength lord to cope with all her problems- she has too much on her shoulders. Her husband is lacking in lot of things – please let him give her support to learn to drive and be independent and give her support and be kind to her and make her eat less and ear correct. please let them somehow come and live near me – please remove all her obstacles and let her succeed in life – please let her come and support us too – we are loosing hope dear St Jude.
we are honest and good people – please help urgently before all come crashing down. thank you for all your favours to her and family – amen
please bless them and protect all of them lord