Dear blessed St Jude, please please let the tickets of my elder daughter and family get confirmed for tomorrow flight to native country at a convenient time for them .
Please let the airways pay for their taxi fare which they had to spend for the mistake from the airline for not connecting the new born baby to an adult among other issues.
Please let all obstacles go away from their journey and let everything go smoothly and safely for them to reach native country.
Please let the chest tightness and breathing difficulty of my daughter go away and let her be at ease and comfortable while travelling.
Please let them realise their mistakes and correct and learn and not fight over it.
Please urgently come to their help iwith your powerful miracles n this matter lord of getting them safely to the airport on time and with no errors in the tickets or anywhere and let them relax .
Thank you for all your favours and help my dear St Jude to my daughter and family – amen