Dear blessed St Jude,
Thank you a million times for making the impossible happen.
My second daughter who had cut me off from her life after my second marriage and leaving the country and got into bad company bad habits and was ruining her life has now changed .
She is with a man (who is married with 2 children does not love his wife has no life with her soon after his marriage to her 10 years back -my daughter just met him this year- she is not giving a divorce)
This man has stablilized her somehow now and she is working(according to her)and seem happy and looks settled.
Dear St Jude, ONLY you could have resolved this huge massive messed up complicated daughter of mine a victim of a broken home and financially broken family and an impossible task which was killing me every second of my life and choking the life out of me and i was a living dead person.
Now past few days i am breathing easy a little bit- unhappy that it is a married man with her but then it is such a miracle to see the changed daughter that i am so thankful and at peace. I do not know how to repay my debts to you my dear St Jude.
Please continue to protect my daughter who is in the native country and please protect her from all her enemies and let her never ever go back to her addictive habits and evil friends- please let her stop smoking and drinking if any and take care of her health please/
All i can say for now is a THANK YOU and after years and years of no sleep -i am now getting some peaceful sleep thanks thanks and thanks
Thanks to all at the shrine for your unconditonal prayers to all – God bless you all -Amen