Dear blessed St Jude, please protect my second daugher who is living in with a married man with 2 girl children aged 10 and 12 — the man had seperated from his wife soon after he got married not because of my daughter. even though seperated he lives in the same compound in another house as far as i heard.
please lord when i prayed to you for her to find her soul mate it was never for a married man – please let her find her soul mate an unattached single man as per your decision only.
please let me know my daughter is safe in the native country – there is no news of her- i have no idea if the man dumped her or if she is working or not if she has money or not . please help to stop this trauma lord – please help her to find her soul mate to love to marry and have her own family and i will be free for god’s sake finally .
I have no idea what is happening in my native country . All i know is that we will be shunned by all now because of her action- but then she is a desperate girl with no one single family member with her both parents remarried and in other countries only sister married and left country and nobody in talking terms to her . Brilliant she was highly qualified but her bad habits bad friends ruined her success in personal and professional front. please urgently come to her help and do the right thing lord . Honestly i do not know the right thing anymore especially in her case. Please send your powerful miracles to sort the matters in my native country before troubles start. Please let my evil husband and wife neighbours in my apartment complex calm down and not attack my daughter through creating car parking issues.
please show us all the right path and let us be able to resolve all the problems.
please let my daughter do not leave her profession for this married man – please let my daughter get a job which she loves. Please let my daughter STOP the public display of going around with this married man showing off a make the rest of us a laughing stock in a very hypocrite society – please lord let her see the reality and please do the needful to wean her away from her addictions / bad habits and let all her evil friends disappear from her life never to come back again.
Please help – i plead with you lord – i thank you for everything given to my daughter – thank you – amen