please stop the mother in law of my daughter to stop cooking wrong food for her when she has high sugar level and the baby is also fluctuating with high sugar level in the intensive care unit without getting the mother’s milk and all suffering, this woman is deliberately cooking inspite of me asking to remove potatoes from her dishes refusing to do so – and sending such food to hospital –
i came to understand that she does not care for the health of my daughter and its her convenience which matter.
please let her stop this and let her cook diabetic friendly food and not make my daughter diabetic –
She has no feelings for my daughter and she is acting i felt .
please expose the woman lord and let her stop making wrong food so stubbornly.
She is also at the same time the only person helping my daughter take care of her home right now. So please let her understand the seriousness of what she is doing and stop being stubborn about her cooking wrong food.
Please cure the little baby of my daughter of jaundice, fluctuating sugar levels and let all the blood tests come clear of all infection and diseases please lord .
Thank you St Jude for all the favours to my daughter and family – please cure her daughter’s chest congestion and bronchitis.