Please protect, guide my younger daughter from whom i have not heard for sometime now. I have no idea what is happening with her . she is all alone in the native country . please protect her from all dangerous. evil people lord .
please let her stop all her addictive habits -let her stop her smoking at once lord. please give her hope- i am so far away from her – please let a good man find her, love her and marry her lord. please please let her find her soul mate , fall in love, marry and have family – ONLY you can do it my dear St Jude…. please i plead with you to let this girl off my shoulders and find her way in this world and have her own successful life – please let her come to this country for higher studies only if its your wish for her – please lord send your powerful miracles to help me and her in this matter . please protect her from all the apartment owner’s association members who are hypocrites and was attacking her she being a single lady with male friends — she is so lonely lord – please please help her – i am her mom and has not seen her for 2 plus yrs now – please let her forget her miserable past and move ahead with a good man which only you can show her lord – please lord you take control of her life and make her do things the way you want it to happen – let her get back her belief in God and in the power of prayers which she lost when her parents divorced and remarried and went their ways and left her all alone – and her only boyfriend dumped her and got married and her sister does not talk to her – please lord please help her – protect her from coranavirus and all other health problems .
prayers for all the people in this circle to find solutions .
Thank you for all your favours to her my dear St Jude– always grateful – amen