Please protect my nurse daughter’s pregnancy my dear St Jude – she is struggling to breathe and walk with the huge weight of the foetus because of gestation diabetes and her uncontrolled eating habits is increasing her insulin
please let her insulin level be low and under control and the foetus be safe and growth be normal and all well with the mother and the foetus please my lord.
Please let the bloating of the stomach of the foetus and the shortness of legs be corrected which was seen in the last scan she had and please let all be normal in the next scan for her and all our peace of mind.
please protect her mother in law who has come from the native country safe thanks you St Jude for her safe arrival to take care of my daughter and the baby post delivery and now which is a huge relief – please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems.
please protect my daughter and her family from coronavirus and all other health problems.
Please let all go smoothly and without problems.
Thank you for everything given to my daughter and her family – always grateful to you my dear St Jude